By Patrick Avenell

Remember when Marge Simpson got that job as a real estate agent? It was all red jackets, ringing a bell with each sale and wearing a distinctly uncool wired headset while talking on the phone in the office. Real estate agents might still like wearing garish clothes and chiming a carillon every time they close, but they can now at least be a little bit more discreet with their telephone accessories, according to Plantronics.

Launched today, the Savor M1100 with Vocalyst is a high-end Bluetooth headset designed for users who are looking for more functionality from this traditionally unfashionable device.

Triangular in shape and designed to sit almost unnoticeably in the ear, the M1100 has three microphones for receiving noise-cancelled audio, a dedicated button for receiving voice commands and a flexible silicon tip to hold the earpiece in place.

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The M1100 comes with a 12-month subscription to Vocalyst (normally between $25-35 per year, depending on plan), which provides voice services directly to the headset. This can be programmed by the user to include news, sport, emails, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and additional services for BlackBerry and Android users.

Accessing the Vocalyst service costs the same a mobile phone call to a Melbourne landline, though it is included in all caps and plans — it is not a data service, according to Plantronics Australia national retail sales manager Peter Petrides.

Additional features of the M1100 include the ability to pair multiple devices simultaneously, an on-screen battery monitor for iPhone users, a dedicated on/off switch to preserve battery life, MicroUSB charging and a storage pouch in the box.

The M1100 is RRP $129.

The new Savor M1100 from Plantronics.

Kevin Keegan's classic 80s style headset, as immortalised in his famous 'I would love it' rant.