By Claire Reilly in Canberra

Canberra residents on the hunt for a whole Atlantic salmon, a $150,000 diamond necklace or an oversized tub of jelly beans will now be able to find all their needs in the one store, thanks to the opening of a Costco Warehouse in Canberra this morning.

But while some shoppers were busy picking up bulk goods for their mega-trolleys, other customers were looking to make purchases of bigger ticket items in the appliance and consumer electronics sections of the store.

Sam Gerrey, manager for electronics, said that the store offered “much cheaper prices than other stores”.

“We only sell name brands unlike many other stores that offer low prices,” Gerrey said. “We’ve got a good team of staff who know their stuff, and there’s no need to wait for someone to get the box for you from a storeroom out the back.”

In terms of the store’s hero products, Gerrey suggested the Samsung Series 4 D450 flat panel television would be a popular seller, available for $589.99.

The Samsung model was just one of many televisions set up in a display at the very front of the store near the customer entrance, along with a Sony Bravia 46-inch LED LCD Full HD TV (KDL46EX520), available for $1,249.99, and a Panasonic Viera 50-inch neo plasma with Wi-Fi and 3D (VT30) for $2,499.99.

Stacey Auhl, Costco’s optical, hearing and photo manager, said the reason the warehouse was popular was because it offered an alternative to other more expensive stores.

“There are too many big box retailers who just choose their prices and they set them high,” said Auhl. “It’s about time we don’t have retailers marking up so much. And a little competition is always healthy.

“Costco offers value for money, choices and convenience. You can get your photos printed while you go around and do your grocery shopping, so there’s no need to make a special trip just to purchase the one item,” she said.

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In the name of healthy competition, many consumers browsing the electronics products said they were just out to compare prices.

Local shopper Mark Gruber said that Costco offered a good level of product information for customers, and very reasonable prices.

“I like that they’ve put up information, outlining all the details about the computers. They have slightly different stuff to other stores, and the prices seem very good,” Gruber said.

While low prices and the sheer scale of operations were the talk of the day among many customers, others were still not swayed.

“The TVs are too dear,” one visitor quipped. “I had a mate look up prices on his phone and show me specials on what Aldi are selling next week. They were selling a flat panel for only $600 and it was a 40-inch, though I’m not sure what brand. So I think I’ll just go down the road to Aldi.”

A wall of flat panel televisions greets customers as soon as they walk into Costco.

A selection of notebook computers on display in the warehouse.