The Nutriblend and an early model of the NutriInfusio blender are being voluntarily recalled by Brand Developers in consultation with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. There is an issue with an internal component of the blender that is made of unsuitable material. If spilled liquid enters the blender, there is the potential to cause a fire.

Blender recall

To date, there have been no injuries or notifiable incidents but consumers are advised to unplug the unit from the main power supply and to stop using immediately. The blender needs a simple repair to the base unit to address the issue.

Consumers who purchased or received one of these blenders from The TV Shop or at Live Events are asked to register online at or call 0800 101 346 for assistance on how to return their product for repair at no charge.

The affected Nutriblend and NutriInfusion products were sold only through the TV Shop, Live Events or at an As Seen On TV stand between March 2015 and September 2015.

Current models of NutriInfusion blenders are new stock and not affected.