By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, NSW: Miele Australia has released its self-style “jewel in the crown” of its cooking appliances: the new Salamander (CS1421 S, RRP $4,699).

Both a real creature and a focal point of bestial mythology, the salamander has long been associated with elemental fire. The salamander used in cooking seeks to recreate that force, providing users with the opportunity to grill from above. The major advantage of this is gravitational: inflammable residue cannot drop from the food onto the heat source or an open flame.

The major downside of this cooking technology, which is especially popular in molecular gastronomy, is that it can be clunky and inconvenient, with a projecting canopy interfering with other cooking practises. Miele is upfront in addressing this concern.

“In professional kitchens, Salamanders are generally very bulky appliances which require a great deal of space. Miele’s revolutionary CS 1421 S Salamander, on the other hand, is quite unobtrusive,” said a Miele spokesperson.

“When not in use, the appliance shows only its elegant stainless steel cover and the controls, with the rest of the appliance hidden below the benchtop.

“Once switched on, a motor raises the height adjustable heating element and base above benchtop level to provide 12 power settings for regulating the intense radiant heat from above.”

An in-built safety feature prevents the unit returning to the flush position whilst still hot.

This product is available the through Miele’s chartered agents.