By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nikon’s focus at PMA this year is its users, many of whom transcend the basic the level of consumers to reach true acolyte status. met a number of these extreme hobbyists at an exclusive ‘My Nikon Life’ event in Sydney’s Darling Harbour last night.

Fifty Nikon fans received invites to the event at Cohi Bar by registering on the Nikon website. At the event, they were able to share techniques, compare photos and become even more involved in the Nikon universe.

At PMA today and across the weekend, Nikon is running a series of demonstrations, seminars and Q&As with photojournalists, professional photographers and pros in specialty fields such as weddings, concerts and landscapes.

In addition to this education element, Nikon is further advancing its I AM masterbrand, with the Japanese supplier rivalling Apple in its overuse of the personal pronoun. At the centre of their stand is half a car, with the missing half explained with the slogan “I AM a daredevil”.

Whilst Jamie Oliver and Robbie Williams are present at the stand in 2D photo format, neither the epicure nor the popstar are expected to make personal appearance in support of their favourite camera brand.

Daredevil Dan's Nikon car.

Prominent photojournalist David Dare Parker talking about his work with Nikon cameras. Parker is also speaking tomorrow at 5pm.

Some superzoom lenses. was told these cost around $10,000.

Some true blue Nikon enthusiasts at the DSLR and Lens stand.