Bowers & Wilkins has today launched its latest high-end in-ear headphone device: the C5.

Fitting nicely into the premium earphone market at RRP $249, though it’s still some way short of the super-premium, rapper endorsed headphone category, which includes a Quincy Jones branded pair at just under $1,000.

Bowers & Wilkins is distributed in Australia by Convoy International. 

The C5 features a Micro Porous Filter, in which hundreds of microscopic steel balls act as a sonic diffusers. B&W says this enables the C5 to deliver a “richer and more expansive performance than previously possible”.

The keep these earphones inside the ear, a common bugbear with joggers and headbangers, B&W has implemented a Tungsten Balanced design.

“This assists the in-ear headphones to stay securely inside the ear, and provides an improved seal for better sound and noise isolation,” claims B&W.

“B&W’s Zeppelin Air and P5 headphones have been praised as market leading products by both consumers and critics,” said Convoy International CEO Geoff Matthews. “Now C5 promises to change the game for in-ear headphones.

“Expect to lose yourself in the flawless audio C5 produces; the sound will astound even the most discerning listeners.”

These new B&W earphones have apparently changed the earphone game.