HMD, the home of Nokia phones, has been recognised by Canstar Blue in its annual 2024 Innovation Excellence Awards, with the Nokia G42 5G smartphone awarded for its innovation in self-repairability.

Following the launch of the Nokia G42 5G in mid-2023, HMD has since launched its own HMD-branded smartphones, the Pulse range, which furthers the company’s commitment to self-repair and sustainability.

Canstar Blue’s Innovation Excellence Awards are scored based on product uniqueness and how disruptive or new it is to the category, with the addition of the overall ‘wow’ factor.

Initially launched in July 2023, the Nokia G42 is built with QuickFix repairability, enabling easy replacement of cracked screens, bent charging ports and old batteries, by the consumer. In collaboration with iFixit, the Nokia G42 can be repaired with step-by-step repair guides and replacement parts starting at RRP $42.99.

HMD country manager for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Brenden Folitarik said, “We are honoured to be recognised by Canstar Blue for innovative excellence. It is a privilege to be considered among so many great applicants and finalists. HMD is proud to be industry pioneers in the self-repairability space, with the release of our Nokia G22 and Nokia G42 5G phones.

“We are excited to be continuing our global efforts with self-repairability with the release of our HMD branded phone, the HMD Pulse Pro. Thank you to Canstar Blue for allowing us to further share our innovations with Australia and we hope to continue inspiring change in the Australian and global smartphone industry.”

Canstar Blue utilities editor, Tara Donnelly added, “Nokia has for many years been considered the go-to phone brand for buyers wanting tough, long-lasting devices. The G42 5G addresses a major pain point for customers by offering a money-saving alternative to shelling out for a new phone at the first sign of a screen crack or weakening battery.

“The option of self-repair for some of the most common device issues means consumers can keep their Nokia in as-new condition for longer, letting them break free from the two- to three-year phone upgrade cycle. The G42 5G’s big screen, 5G capabilities and triple rear camera setup also mean buyers don’t need to compromise on must-have features.”