By Patrick Avenell

Lambro Skropidis has announced his resignation from Samsung Electronics Australia. Prior to this resignation, Skropidis had been the head of marketing at Samsung since his predecessor Kurt Jovais returned to America in 2008.

Formerly an FMCG marketing pro with brands including Uncle Toby’s and Nestle, Skropidis has overseen Samsung’s marketing at a time of unprecedented market share and retail sales growth.

Notable highlights from Skropidis’ tenure include the release of Samsung’s 3D and Smart TVs, the successful launches of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones, impressive gains in Samsung’s whitegoods categories and the development of Samsung’s compact system camera strategy.

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A St George Illawarra Dragons fan, Skropidis also impressed with his drive to push Samsung to the premium end, and with it grow sales through increased average sales prices. His innovations included the establishment of high concept store-in-store displays and the release of premium notebook computers and cameras.

In an interview with earlier this year, Skropidis discussed this challenge.

 “We’re going to continue to provide higher and higher ASP (average sales price) products,” Skropidis said in March 2011. “The challenge for us is to become the overall value leader in the category — we’re having a really good run from a volume perspective, the last two periods in GfK we were the unit leader in the category, but from our perspective, trading below $250 is not really what it’s all about for us, so we’re going to continue to bring better and better innovations in higher price points.”

Not everything has been perfect, however, with Skropidis final months at Samsung marred by the ongoing legal battle with Apple over the Galaxy Tab 10.1.


Samsung has issued a statement following today's news.

"Samsung Electronics Australia has confirmed that Mr Lambro Skropidis has resigned from the company, which is effective today," said the statement. "Mr Skropidis has held the role of Head of Marketing, Corporate Marketing Division, and had been with the company since May 2008.

"During his tenure the Samsung brand locally has grown by 55% in awareness terms, and by 140% in brand preference according to Samsung’s own research. It is now arguably the largest and most influential brand in the consumer electronics industry.

"Samsung Electronics Australia Managing Director, Mr S.R. Yoon, expressed his sincere thanks to Mr Skropidis.

"Samsung has commenced an executive search in Australia and overseas for Mr Skropidis’ replacement. In the meantime, all Corporate Marketing related enquiries should be directed to Jai Sanderson, Corporate Communications Manager."