Sharp has launched a new range of four microwaves with a focus on size, style and smart cooking features to suit a wide range of consumer preferences.

New range includes a Flatbed Microwave with Grill in both sliver (R67B1S RRP $239) and white (R67B1W RRP $219) and two new Stainless Steel Microwave models available in a midsize (R32BST RRP$199) and large (R42BST RRP $329).

Mark Beard, national communications and branding manager for Sharp Corporation of Australia, said the new microwave range demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing its kitchen appliance range.

“We have built on 50 years of experience in developing all four new MWOs. Sharp Australia understands consumers are busy, but still want to eat healthy, balanced homecooked meals. Because of this the range has been created specifically with a focus on style, efficiency and meeting the requirements of Australian home cooking.”

“We also know that the look and feel of modern kitchens is very important to consumers. So the innovative style of our MWOs means the tasteful new range is sure to suit any kitchen,” Beard said.

Sharp Midsize Flatbed Microwave with Grill
Sharp Midsize Flatbed Microwave with Grill

The White and Silver Midsize Flatbed Microwaves with Grill forgo the traditional rotating turntable, providing more space in the cavity for larger cookware and, the 1100 watt top grill adds extra versatility to the cooking functions. An alarm can be set to sound half way through grilling to remind you turn over your food for more even cooking results.

Ease of use is aided by the Smart Panel on the Flatbed range.

“The Smart Panel has an LCD display and easy to read one-touch keys. The white and silver Flatbed MWOs also include 11 power levels and 12 auto menus including both vegetarian and quick meal options, so they’re suitable for consumers with a variety of lifestyles,” Beard said.

The other two microwaves in the range are a Midsize and Large Stainless Steel MVO with 11 power levels and eight Auto Menus.

Sharp Stainless Steel microwave
Sharp Stainless Steel microwave

The new models have emerged from the Sharp test kitchen with features such and Weight Defrost and 2 Stage cooking sequence (defrost and cook) ideal for meals that require little planning time.

The Large Stainless Steel Microwave boasts 1100 watt of power and extra internal space when defrosting, cooking and reheating family-sized portions. The 900 watt Midsize Stainless Steel Microwave is suitable for small to medium sized kitchens which require a more streamline and sophisticated fit.