BenQ has launched two new home projectors, the WI070+ (RRP $1,299) and WI080ST+ (RRP $1,399) aimed at first-time projector owners; boasting an easy setup and premium features at a lower cost.

“Designed for maximum impact at minimal cost,” both have Full HD 1080p picture quality and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connectivity to allow the transfer of small-screen content from any portable device. Blu-ray players and gaming consoles can be connected to the projector via HDMI, and cloud content  can be viewed using any MHL-ready streaming device.

BenQ says the W1080ST+ is the world’s first short throw home entertainment projector offering Full HD. Operating from a distance of 1.5 metres it can produce a 100 inch big screen, making it ideal for apartments and smaller rooms.

“The W1070+ and W1080ST+ are living room projectors: that is they are affordable, they are user-friendly, in fact they are in my opinion the most versatile projectors available,” said Andrew Lambkin product manager for BenQ.

“They represent a small investment that will provide an impressive home cinema experience.

“When it’s not in use, simply hide it away. You can’t do that with a big screen TV – but a projector gives you the best of both worlds… the big screen when you want it and a clean clutter-free living space when you don’t.”

The images projected are brighter than those of their predecessors — the WI070 and WI1080ST (same product code, sans + symbol) — and the built-in speakers have been improved.  This upgrade was based on consumer feedback wanting better quality speaker sound. External speakers can also be used in place of the built-in speaker.

As projector prices come down and the lamp life improves —to dramatically increase the life span of the product — conditions have aligned to give the projector market a boost.