Launch event held at lavish Sydney venue.

Retailers from around the country and select media gathered for the launch of the Nespresso Prodigio&Milk on Wednesday evening at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. Concurrently, the coffee giant was celebrating 30 years since its pioneer, 18 years of which have been under the Nestle corporate branding.

Nespresso commercial manager, John Ciaglia (pictured), said it was the next logical step for the company to enter the connected category and create a new coffee experience that communicates directly via smart devices and the Nespresso app.


“Forecasts are predicting by 2020, over 50 billion devices and appliances will be connected. Connectivity is a buzzword and it’s only going to accelerate, and I believe this is our most intuitive machine to date,” he said.

“The machine is all about convenience. Capsule stock management means users will never run out of capsules as the machine will alert users when stock is low, and using the app, users are one touch away from reordering capsules. Coffee lovers can also schedule brewing time via their smart device for the next hour, next morning etc. The machine will also alert users when the machine needs descaling for maintenance and longevity purposes.

“The pipeline of innovation on the machines has been very extensive and strong, especially in the last three to four years, and we are going to continue to innovative to meet consumers’ appreciation of coffee,” Ciaglia added.

Nespresso has also invested in new packaging for the machine in a suitcase style so the box communicates the features of the machine to consumers on retail shop floors.