Leading dash cam manufacturer, Navman has introduced a new camera designed, built and tested for Australia’s utes and conditions.

Most rear dash cams are fitted inside the back windscreen, which isn’t suitable for vehicles such as utes with materials, tools and boxes obscuring the view. The MiVue ALTA Workmate XDC is an external rear dash cam that sits just above the rear number plate and is waterproof rated to IPX industry standards.

It also comes with a 10-metre-long cable for easy connection. In the front, the camera is designed to fit on the windscreen with an integrated vertical mount.

Together, the Workmate XDC front and rear cameras record at 30fps respectively on two channels in Super MP4 Full HD at 1080p. This means it writes to the microSD card (32GB card included in the box) every two seconds to safeguard footage. Incident backup is also saved to a separate folder which cannot be easily overwritten.

The Workmate provides clear evidence with 140-degree lens on the front camera and 135-degree lens with a premium STARVIS sensor built-in on the rear. This is supported with a 3-Axis G-sensor built in which stamps footage with the exact GPS location, speed, and direction of impact. Footage can also be downloaded and shared instantly using Wi-Fi and the MiVue Pro app.

Drivers will also receive safety camera alerts and audible safety alert reminders for school zones, railway crossings, accident blackspots, check speed zones on highways, headlight reminder and driver fatigue alerts. With smart parking mode, drivers are protected with built-in motion and g-shock detection to capture five seconds of footage before and 15 seconds after impact. 

The dash cam is fitted with a super capacitor and has been rigorously tested for local conditions from freezing to temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius.

The MiVue Workmate XDC is now available from leading retailers for RRP $549. The Navman SmartBox can be purchased separately for RRP $79 to provide constant power to the Workmate XDC even when the engine is off.