Specialty GPS navigation devices have been continually packing in extra features to stand out in a world where smartphones provide pocket-sized convenient navigation. Navman has taken the evolution of the product further, unveiling its Australian-first all-in-one GPS and digital drive recorder the Navman MiVue Drive.

With Navman GPS features like free monthly map updates, spoken safety alerts and landmark guidance plus— which directs you using names and colours of objects and buildings you see in your windscreen — the MiVue Drive (RRP $299) also records your journey, a useful feature to show drivers evidence of who is at fault in a collision.

Navman MiVue Drive, RRP $299 

“We’re so excited to be introducing another one-of-a-kind device to the Australian market following the launch of the SmartGPS earlier this year, which was the country’s first sat-nav to deliver live recommendations of what to do or see,” said Wendy Hammond country director Navman Australia.

“At Navman we are always searching for new ways to help enhance the driving experience and offer our customers more. Digital drive recorders have really seen a surge in popularity in the last few years and have become just as essential to have in the car as a sat-nav, so harmonising the functions of both in the one device just made sense.”

The MiVue Drive records in HD while the screen displays navigation directions, or you can display the recorder’s captured footage on screen in place of the maps. It includes an 8GB memory card and two year warranty.

Using a 3-axis G-shock sensor the MiVue Drive will let you know the direction an impact came from. Once connected to a computer, it provides more detailed information around a crash such as the time it took place, speed you were travelling and the exact location.

“We believe the MiVue Drive will really help make the in-car experience superior, easier and more importantly will help drivers feel safer on the road.

“The great thing is, having an all-in-one device means you can de-clutter your windscreen and just have the all-in-one gadget mounted,” Hammond said.

This combination of features will present a challenge to other digital recorders in the market.

Uniden iGO Cam 750, RRP $179
Uniden iGO Cam 750, RRP $199

For example Uniden’s iGo Cam 750, RRP $199, is a windscreen-mounted recorder that also comes with speed camera warnings and a built-in G-sensor and Collision Detection Mode which detects any changes in motion and will instantly trigger recording. In the event of an accident, this feature gives drivers the ability to analyse the direction of impact and view how it happened.

Laser’s 2014 Navig8r Car Crash Camera FHD Wide , RRP $129, has a feature called “auto bump file record” which automatically saves the video recording if you get hit. When the car is parked it starts recording if it senses movement to protect cars from anonymous bumps and scratches.

Laser Navig8r Crash Cam
Laser Navig8r Crash Cam, RRP $129