Narta will bring together 15 selected suppliers for a VIP strategic seminar next week on Hayman Island.

Narta CEO Michael Jackson told Appliance Retailer, the seminar is not a conference and will provide an opportunity to work collaboratively with suppliers.

“The VIP strategic seminar brings together our members and 15 selected suppliers we have been working with collectively and also through one on one sessions we have been holding over the last seven months with these suppliers,” he said.

“It is with these 15 suppliers that collaboratively we have been engaged with to identify services and value that benefit all suppliers, retailers and our consumers. It is the last few years of innovation, investment and suppliers’ involvement, that has built and created the purpose of this strategic seminar.

“Over the last four years we evolved to a ‘retail service group’ as I presented in 2018. We have grown beyond co-ordinated buying to now owning 14 registered trademarks executing services that have been planned and built with retailers and suppliers’ input and feedback.

“As these have been executed over the last 18 months, we then from Q4 last year started sharing the next stages of our evolution and our strategic direction for the next 3-5 years. This very deliberately coincided with the integration of The Good Guys and how much more value their scale provides into the current and new services.

“Narta has invested heavily into services that provide real value and powerful information through A.I., data analytics and more. Services combining unrivalled and unmatched scale across over 1000 shop fronts and 50 ecommerce sites. Built collaboratively by direct supplier engagement at an executive level, the same people attending next week and the same suppliers under confidentiality that have shared their three to five year strategic direction as an organisation both globally and locally to us over the last six months.

“Next week allows us to collaboratively engage more, whilst also sharing outcomes of the work we have been doing and how their involvement has resulted in a number of initiatives including two specific game changing services that we will announce and launch at the VIP strategy seminar,” Jackson said.

“Also, as part of this and our ability to execute our services most effectively, we will announce some changes to our structure, staff roles and new people at the event,” he added.