At its recent two-day Strategic Seminar at Hayman Island, Narta announced a number of expansions to existing services and a new platform relating to campaign analysis.

With the expansion of services to shareholding members and suppliers, Narta is now delivering several services across data, marketing, procurement, sustainable solutions and merchandise.

“With the attendance of senior executives from both retailers and suppliers, their engagement, ideas, and input, provided many more exciting opportunities for Narta that will drive and advance our industry in the future,” Narta CEO, Michael Jackson told Appliance Retailer.

“With our continued growth and innovation, we are now locked into well over 100 data points, receiving millions and millions of lines of data each week, allowing us to continue to expand our services through our combined scale to the market as we unlock value from this data.

“Our Seminar has only further identified opportunities to expand our services and create further value with our data and other areas of our business for the industry. With our growth over the last few years into ‘retail as a service’, we have looked at the structure of Narta to best meet the needs of our partners and continue to ensure we have the capabilities and resources to meet and deliver at the high pace we are committed to.

“Narta prides itself on five key pillars and the importance of collaboration across each of these pillars.
In our Data and Innovation pillar, we have committed to expanding our resources with an additional two head counts in marketing adding a role to drive campaign analysis and customer experience.

“In Procurement, we have committed to expanding our sustainable solutions and to better meet the needs of major categories, we will restructure the merchandise team with new talent that are joining Narta in the coming months, who will officially be announced when they commence.”