Leading online retail marketplace for home and lifestyle products, MyDeal has launched a climate initiative partnership with GreenFleet Australia to grow a native biodiverse forest.

Greenfleet is a leading non-for-profit dedicated to restoring Australia’s forests through carbon offset projects and initiatives.

Under the partnership, MyDeal will plant 9,000 trees over 12 months, covering 16 hectares of land in Pearson, Northern Victoria, an area previously used for farming. Working with the Dja Dja Wurrung people, traditional owners of the land, the initiative will address critical habitat loss to restore the fragile ecosystem at Ngulambarra, creating bio-links for native wildlife.

Commenting on the partnership, MyDeal CEO Sean Senvirtne said, “MyDeal is committed to a greener future, where businesses and individuals act with a social responsibility. Planting trees for good is an important step as part of our ESG program to reduce our carbon impact.

“We owe it to our customers, to our shareholders and to the planet. Now, customers shopping on MyDeal.com.au will know that they have made a positive impact on the environment by contributing to the growth of a forest.”

Greenfleet CEO, Wayne Wescott added, “There has never been a more urgent need to take practical action for our environment, and MyDeal is directly enabling ecosystem restoration right here in Australia.

“Through its commitment to grow a forest with Greenfleet, MyDeal will establish a healthier ecosystem, with richer biodiversity, critical habitat for wildlife, improved outcomes for soil and hydrations, increased carbon sequestration, and agency through land management for Traditional Owners. Legally protected for 100 years, the MyDeal Forest will create a real legacy.”