Mums are the most powerful consumers in the world with annual buying power of over $23 trillion and control or influence on 85% of all household buying decisions including home appliances.

The new ‘Mastering the Mum Market’podcast, which explores this opportunity for brands, is hosted by Christie Nicholas, CEO of Mumpower, Australia’s leading marketing agency representing brands mums buy.

The first podcast topic is dedicated to mum influencer marketing growth opportunities and features an exclusive interview with Russell Hobbs brand and communications manager, Dean Hammerton. He shares his first-hand experience on what works, what to avoid and what to prepare for next.

“Mum influencers have created an opportunity for our brands. They can take a brand message and make it relevant for others at scale. We’re continuously monitoring trends and nurturing these partnerships – to pave the way for future growth,”Hammerton explains.

Nicholas added: “Our mission is to lead a movement that educates, empowers and enables Mum-centric brands to go further—and to involve Mums in the brand dialogue. This podcast pulls back the curtain on what separates the ordinary brands from the extraordinary.”

Available now on Spotify and Apple iTunes, listen to Mastering the Mum Marketwith Dean Hammerton here: