By Sarah Falson

MELBOURNE: In a move to increase its presence in the environmentally-friendly lawnmowing sector, Victa has secured distribution and branding rights for the Enviromower range of battery-powered lawnmowers and trimmers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland.

“We are delighted to add the Enviromower range to our already comprehensive range of petrol and electric powered mowers,” said Victa CEO, Andrew King.

“We will be marketing the products as premium battery products, focusing on high quality, superior ease-of-use and excellent performance, as well as the environmental benefits.”

At this stage, the Enviromower range will keep its current branding, but King told that there is a possibility that a joint Victa and Enviromower branding might feature on future models.

He also said that the Enviromower range would continue to retail through its existing outlets, including Bunnings, some Retravision stores and specialist outdoor care dealers, but Victa will be looking at widening distribution in the near future.

Melbourne-based Enviromower Pty Ltd has achieved significant growth in sales of its Taiwan-made, battery-powered lawnmowers and trimmers over the last four years, according to King.

“The range represents an immediate growth in sales for Victa with further opportunities for expansion due to Victa’s wider distribution base, particularly through Victa Gold Dealers,” said King.

“These products also provide the consumer with the benefits of electric-powered products without a cord, and customers can also choose environmentally-friendly green energy suppliers to power them.”

The brand’s flagship model is the Enviromower 500 (RRP $599) – a cordless electric mower with a rear-discharge mulcher, that reaches full charge in 12 hours, powering the mower for up to one hour and 20 minutes.

Victa’s Enviromower acquisition follows the recent launch of an environmentally-friendly two stroke lawnmower motor, the Eco Torque. Developed over four years in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the Eco Torque reportedly uses 20 per cent less fuel, reduces harmful emissions by 30 per cent and delivers five per cent more power than the current two-stroke engine.