By Patrick Avenell

The ACCC has launched a free iPhone app to keep consumers up to date on product recalls. This free app is intended to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing goods, especially when not from traditional retailers.

“The app provides Australian consumers with easily searchable information on Australian consumer good recalls,” said ACCC deputy chairman Peter Kell.

“For consumers, this means that when you’re out and about doing your shopping, you can quickly and easily check for recalled products on your phone.”

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“For example, you could be at a garage sale, where a recalled product might have unwittingly been made available for purchase.”

“Additionally, the app allows you to report products you think are unsafe directly to the ACCC. You can even attach a photo you’ve taken from your phone of the product.”

“The recalls app is just one of the latest ways the ACCC is communicating product safety information to consumers and businesses.”

And another of these newfangled ways is YouTube, which was used to launch the app. Check out Peter Kell explaining it all here: