Australians are looking to reduce energy costs at home in any way they can as the cost of living continues to rise, according to new research from Mitsubishi Electric.

From avoiding dryer use (54%) to switching off appliances (38%), limiting the length or skipping showers altogether (31%), and even frequently switching energy providers to make the most of deals (11%). 

The research, conducted in partnership with YouGov, has shown that 90% are concerned with rising energy costs, with over one-third (34%) more concerned about the cost of electricity (34%) than reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the home (14%).
Six in 10 (61%) are still spending more time at home than pre-pandemic, with more than 40% of employed people now regularly working from home.

The Mitsubishi Electric research also points to the reality that most of us find it challenging to understand which products are the most energy efficient in keeping both costs and impact on the environment down. In fact, nearly half, (52%) find it hard to understand the differences between energy efficiency claims on products. 

In light of the rising electricity prices, Mitsubishi Electric marketing and communications manager, Jessica Millard advises that people should be seeking expert advice when purchasing appliances to ensure they are energy efficient. 

“The running costs of appliances can vary dramatically based on the make and model, so it is important to understand Zoned Energy Rating labels, which makes it simple to select the most energy-efficient air conditioners,” she said.

“Other ways to keep costs down in the long term include considering whether anything that can be automated at home, by having them switch off automatically.”