By Claire Reilly

Effective from 1 January 2012, JVC branded products are set to be distributed in Australia by JVC Kenwood Corporation according to a joint statement released today by the company and Shriro Australia.

JVC products were previously distributed by Hagemeyer Brands Australia, which itself became a subsidiary of the Shriro Group of Companies in July. Following Shriro’s purchase of HBA, the company acquired the JVC, Polaroid and Magicbox consumer electronics brands, the Omega, Blanco and De Dietrich cooking brands, and the Omega Altise seasonal brand.

Both Shriro and JVC Kenwood were “pleased” with the new distribution agreement according to the statement.

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“The decision was a mutual one and ties in with the overall integration of the JVC and Kenwood brand businesses management under the common ownership of JVC Kenwood Corp. that took effect in October of this year,” the joint statement read.

“Kenwood Electronics Australia (KEA) which currently has an office in North Ryde, will in addition to the Kenwood brand also distribute JVC brand products within its business model.

“As part of these changes, KEA will take over the functions of providing warranty and repair services to customers of JVC products, from 1st January, 2012.

“It is both parties’ intention that this transition is a seamless one, for both the retailers and end users.”