Australian company, Innovizion has introduced a new range of outdoor, weatherproof LCD TV’s that feature built in wireless connectivity.

Each TV in the range comes with a wireless transmitter that can be connected to a set top box, DVD or video player. The unit will transmit up to 50 metres to the TV’s built in receiver. This means less unsightly cabling, greater flexibility, as well as reduced installation time and cost.

In addition to the unique wireless capability, all Innovizion outdoor TVs have integrated digital tuners, high definition resolution, built in stereo speakers, and high contrast, high brightness screens.

According to Innovizion’s Managing Director, Paul Murphy, “People will really be amazed at the picture quality when viewing these TVs in direct sunlight. In addition to the high brightness and contrast levels, the TVs also have a special glare reduction coating applied to the protective glass panel that really cuts down on reflections and glare”.

Unlike ordinary LCD or plasma TVs, Innovizion weatherproof TVs are guaranteed for outdoor use for 3 years in domestic applications, and 12 months in commercial environments.

“In sunshine, rain or snow, these TVs are purpose built for the great outdoors.” Murphy said.

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