By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Queensland retailers and wholesalers will be required to display signage warning consumers not to ‘Do It Yourself’ when it comes to electrical installation.

From 1 July 2011, retailers and wholesalers of non plug-in electrical equipment must clearly display signage or labels warning against DIY installation, according to amendments made to the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.

A release by the Queensland Government's Department of Justice and Attorney-General indicates that the new signs will apply to products that require electrical work for their operation. These include products such as split-system air conditioners, stoves, ovens, electric hot water systems and ceiling fans.

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In addition, the release stipulates that the signage must be displayed in one of five ways:

• In close proximity to the point of display of the item.
• As part of the price tag of the item.
• On a label attached to the packaging or the actual item.
• As part of the packaging of the item.
• On a label attached to the item.

According to the government release, “the new laws were developed in consultation with the retail industry and aim to address the long standing electrical safety issues of unlicensed and do-it-yourself electrical work.”

The new laws will apply to face-to-face retailers as well as online stores that sell goods in Queensland, and failure to correctly display warnings will result in penalties.

Retailers and wholesalers can visit the Queensland Government’s Electrical Safety Office website for more information on the laws, including examples of products requiring the sign, how to correctly display the warnings and sample templates of the signs available to download.

A sample of the new signage that retailers and wholesalers will be required to display after July 1 2011.