Mitsubishi Electric is back on TV during SBS’s coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The new ad features celebrity spokeschef Fast Ed Halmagyi promoting the Japanese company’s air conditioning consumer promotion:

“Purchase selected split and ducted air conditioning systems during May or June 2014 to receive a bonus EFTPOS Cash Card up to the value of $400,” the company says.

Click here for the full list of applicable models and cashback amounts.

UnderCurrent’s bit

UnderCurrent can’t help but notice that this promoting is strikingly similar to Fujitsu General’s Free Money giveaway on its range of air conditioners, all the way down to both being promoted by celebrities. In the interest of balance, UnderCurrent would like it known that consumers can get up to $400 back via a prepaid Visa card when they purchase selected models from Mark Taylor’s Fujitsu General range.