Mitsubishi Electric has launched Vertical Lossnay, the latest in its series of heat recovery ventilators, designed to recover heat from air inside the home and transferring it to fresh, dry air coming from outside.

The technology delivers energy efficiency in winter and energy recovery in summer as well as assisting with moisture and condensation control.

Mitsubishi Electric national product manager, Atesh Mani, said the Vertical Lossnay can deliver energy savings by reducing air conditioning heating and cooling loads and contributes as much as 40-46% in energy savings, depending on conditions.

“It allows homeowners to bring fresh air into living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms and remove stale air from their homes. It really is a gamechanger for achieving cleaner air quality,” he said.

Using onboard temperature sensors, the unit automatically enters bypass mode when it detects the space is hotter than desired and the outside air is cool enough. Bypass mode allows the unit to bring in fresh air from outside without recovering the heat, helping to reduce the need for air conditioning cooling, such as overnight in summer.

A third filter slot holds an optional NOx (nitrogen oxides) filter to clean incoming air in polluted environments and can also hold an optional PM2.5 (particulate matter 2.5) filter providing a high standard of fresh air filtration.

The compact slimline design fits inside a cupboard, has low noise output and comes in left and right configurations.

Research from the Mitsubishi Electric Healthy Home Trends report revealed that 81% of Australians experience respiratory symptoms at some point in the year, 25% experience symptoms during hay fever season, while one in three are triggered by airborne particles like dust and pollen all year round.