Miele has partnered with award-winning New Zealand chef, Michael Meredith for a three-part social film series called Homegrown.

In Homegrown, Meredith takes the viewer on a journey throughout Aotearoa to discover the best local produce and the people behind his favourite ingredients to learn about their unique processes and commitment to sustainability.

Meredith takes the fresh produce and creates three recipes using Miele appliances. Using his Miele induction cooktop, Meredith pays homage to the natural flavours of the clams making a Cloudy Bay clams, chorizo and chickpea dish.

“I love to create food that is simple and pure, where the ingredients can speak for themselves. With the Miele appliances, it means I can get it right every time,” he said.

Following his stop at family-owned and operated Olliff Farm, Meredith brings back the wholesome experience of a ‘backyard egg’, using the sous-vide program on his Miele steam oven to create a breakfast dish using eggs, oats and ham.

Meredith completes his tour by meeting with award-winning Anabelle David from Anabelle Cheese. Inspired by one of David’s favourite food memories, Meredith whips up a Passionfruit soufflé with the help of his Miele oven.

“I love the accuracy and control that I get from my Miele oven. The Fan Plus function distributes heat more evenly all around the oven, which means my soufflé will rise perfectly. It will give you the confidence to take on more recipes like this,” he said.

Commenting on the film series, Miele marketing director, Michele Laghezza said, “We are thrilled to partner with Michael Meredith and showcase the incredible local producers and their unique ingredients. Michael’s passion for cooking and Miele’s commitment to innovation, precision, and quality appliances make this collaboration a perfect match.”

The Homegrown with Michael Meredith series is available to view on Miele’s website and social media channels.