Enjoy fast, efficient and ecological drying with the latest range of Miele T1 tumble dryers. The hero of the collection, TWV 780 WP promises quiet operation thanks to the new SilenceDrum, whereby insulating strips attached to the drum noticeably reduce the noise caused by buttons and zips.

Say goodbye to ironing with the SteamFinish functionality that uses a fine mist of water from the condensate container and the warm drying air to easily remove creases from dry garments.

To freshen up damp garments with the perfumed FragranceDos – PowerFresh is the convenient solution. With Australia’s largest range of 10-star efficiency tumble dryers, Miele has a tumble dryer to suit sustainable lifestyles.

RRP: $4,999

Contact phone number: 0433 639 840

Website: www.miele.com.au