In an exclusive interview with Appliance Retailer at IFA in Berlin, Miele co-proprietor and executive director, Dr Reinhard Zinkann, shared his view on current market challenges including rising inflation and a global energy crisis, as well as his advice for the Australian market.

“My best advice is to simply stay cool. I’m convinced we will have two to five difficult years, but our company has survived so many difficult situations including two World Wars. We survived it because we stayed calm. Never think and act short sighted but always long term,” Dr Zinkann said.

Despite the challenges ahead and consumers becoming more conscious of their spending, Miele expects consumers will be willing to pay more for a sustainable product and excellent quality.

“They are also looking for technology and strong brands are trust anchors in difficult times,” he said.

“I believe Australians love to be early adopters when it comes to owning, using or selling new technology. As such, we will be fast in offering our new products in Australia, especially induction cooktops and steam ovens. I’m positive that Australian consumers will like what we have, and it will again underline the position of Miele Australia.

“Australia is one of my favourite countries. I love to visit and I look forward to my next trip. I was in Australia earlier this year – for the first time in three years – to open the new Miele premises in Melbourne. I was so happy to be back and I hope to return in the first half next year.”

In response to the energy crisis specifically, Dr Zinkann said Miele is trying to save energy as much as possible. “In the factories, we already switched some production from gas to electricity and there is more to come in the next months,” he said.

“Our plan is to save 20% of gas as gas is the most critical energy source in Germany right now. We are on a good track and in doing so, we are also reducing the carbon footprint of our plants.”