Miele has released its latest global brand campaign, Quality Ahead of Its Time, now live in Australia and New Zealand, marking the brand’s biggest ever investment in these markets.

The campaign demonstrates Miele’s core values of craftsmanship and sustainability, while highlighting the long-lasting performance of its products. They are in fact so committed towards sustainability that earlier this year, Miele announced its commitment to become climate neutral at all its locations during 2021 with respect to both its own emissions (Scope 1) and those of its energy suppliers (Scope 2).

Miele Australia and New Zealand marketing director, Michele Laghezza described Quality Ahead Of Its Time as a manifesto of the Miele brand – not just a campaign but a testament to the company’s values and beliefs.

“It is an expression and celebration of our attention to detail, design and technology. Miele’s products have always been known for their unbeatable quality, but that doesn’t happen by accident,” Laghezza told Appliance Retailer.

“Sustainability has always been at the core of the brand since Miele was founded more than 120 years ago with the message that our products are designed to last the equivalent of 20 years average usage, resulting in less waste. There has been an acceleration of sustainability awareness over the last few years, driven by the younger generation who are more concerned about leaving a better world for the next generation.

“Consumers are constantly chasing better energy and water ratings, but as a company, we believe our role goes beyond product development and becoming climate neutral. It is our responsibility to educate consumers on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

“For example, promoting refrigeration products with technology that can prolong the freshness of food to reduce waste, or educating our consumers on the benefits of steam and how a Miele steam appliance can help preserve important nutrients. We have also seen a growing shift from gas to induction, which is the most efficient cooktop option.

“Product quality is more important than ever, and we want to remind consumers that when they choose a Miele, they have made the right choice,” he said.

Miele is utilising an omni-channel approach for the campaign in Australia and New Zealand across TV, digital, print, and social media with strong support from its retail partners online and in-store.

Quality Ahead of Its Time was created by Hamburg-based advertising agency Select World and will evolve over time with new perspectives. The visuals are the work of world-renowned director Dan Tobin Smith, who drew on his experience working with premium brands.