Miele Australia New Zealand has today confirmed that director of sales David Woollcott has resigned. Woollcott will depart the company on 31 March 2015.

Woollcott joined Miele Australia from fellow premium German brand BMW in 2011.

Miele ANZ media statement:

Director of sales at Miele ANZ, David Woollcott, has resigned to be effective, with regard to operational responsibilities, from 31 March.

However, to cause as least disruption as possible, David will continue at Miele ANZ to compete project work before his official departure at the end of June 2015.

David made this decision, due to family illness, with a heavy heart.

“The role of sales director has been an incredible privileged and I am delighted with the results that we have achieved together in almost four years,” Woollcott said.

“I sincerely thank Michael Jeanes and the senior management team for their support.  Miele is a truly extraordinary company and I will miss too many elements to list.  I also value the relationships I have been built with our partners in retail and project sales, those who were never shy in providing me with feedback and good conversation!”

David Woollcott’s team will continue to be responsible for sales operations supported more broadly by Head of Key Account Management, Owen Holbourn, and Head of Project Sales, Simon Balzer, and their teams.

Michael Jeanes will communicate details of the succession in due course.