For the first time in over 100 years Michaels camera, video and digital store in Melbourne’s CBD will close on July 29. Speaking to Appliance Retailer, managing director Peter Michael confirmed that the biggest camera store in the Southern Hemisphere was shutting its doors to the public as a temporary measure.  

He said the business was facing issues on two fronts from the pandemic crisis and the situation was far from being under control.  

“As time went on the sheer numbers seem to concern many people with the government correctly pressing home the line of ‘shop local’ and don’t go past your post code, etc.  So those two combined has affected business,” he said.

“We have never closed even during renovations. The whole market is obviously down to some degree and there is still a fair bit of web traffic but in-store sales have been quiet.”

He said response from customers was positive about the business being responsible, and positive from staff about doing the right thing for them and not putting them at risk.

“It makes me sad but envious that other states are almost trading normally while here in Victoria we seem to be having a problem getting things under control.”

While the physical store is closed, service and products will continue to be available online 24/7. Arrangements for delivery to customers with products on order, repairs or processing in the lab will also be available.