By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: IPTV has now fully eclipsed 3D as Panasonic’s key television technology, with all 26 new models in the Panasonic range containing some form of internet connectivity. By contrast, only 16 of the panels announced today; across LCD, LED LED and plasma; contain 3D.

At the top of the range, Panasonic has announced its new Smart Viera brand platform. There are two versions available, the premium Viera Connect and the paired down Easy IPTV.

Through Viera Connect, users can watch catch-up TV through ABC iView and Yahoo!7 Plus7, internet radio, social media (Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, amongst others), Skype, interactive games and fitness programs. There’s also PVR recording to hard drives via USB, Wi-Fi readiness (with an included adaptor) and DLNA.

On Easy IPTV, users get access to ShoutCast internet radio and Facebook.

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There’s also an app store of sorts called Viera Connect Market, from which users can purchase programs from third party developers. SD card and USB flash drive playback is again included, now with the expanded playback of DivX HD and MKV files.

The Viera Connect platform will be available on the VT30, GT30 and ST30 range of 3D Full HD plasmas. Easy IPTV will be on the U30 (Full HD) and X30 (HD) range of 2D plasmas. Not all RRPs were announced at today’s launch, though we do know that Panasonic’s HD plasma range will start at $849, Full HD 2D will start at $1,099 and 3D Full HD will start at $1,599. Release dates are staggered between now and August.

In the LCD market, Panasonic has Viera Connect on its DT30 (3D) and E30 (2D) series of Full HD LED models. Prices range from RRP $1,099 to $1,799 across four models available this month and next.

Easy IPTV is on the E3 series of Full HD LEDs and the U30 series of HD traditional LCD TVs. Prices range from RRP $799 to $1,199.

Panasonic's new highest end TV, the TH-P65VT30A, which will be available in August. It is a 3D Full HD plasma with the full suite of Viera Connect online options.

A screen grab of Panasonic's new Smart Viera (Viera Connect) IPTV offering.