Appealing to residential customers who are conscious of the rising cost of energy bills, the DXK-Z4 like others in the Hyper Inverter range uses advanced technology to achieve high efficiency and reliability.


The two leading ways the DXK-Z4 does this is through the use of a DC PAM inverter and the use of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) aircraft technology.

When designing aircraft, CFD is used in blade shape design and air channels for jet engines. This technology enables a large volume of air to be blown with a minimum amount of power consumption. When applied to air conditioning, this enables the DXK-Z4 and other Hyper Inverters to be efficient and at the same time producing a quiet, uniform air flow with long reach.

All the functions expected of a quality air conditioner are included such as an allergen filter, deodorising filter, self-clean operation, dehumidifying operation, economy mode and programmable timer.

In addition, the DXK-Z4’s body has a tourmaline coated sheet which allows it to generate the same amount of negative ions as a forest environment. It does this even when the air conditioner is turned off.

Available in 6.3kW, 7.1kW and 8.0kW capacities, the new DXK-Z4 is being sold through limited distribution at selected retailers.
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