Magimix will expand its range of small appliances with four new products expected to launch in the second half of 2021.

The new products include the Food Processor 5200XL Premium, the Power Blender Premium, the Power Blender in new colours, as well as the Le Micro Chopper in white.

The Food Processor 5200XL Premium will be the top-of-the-line food processor with the largest capacity that caters for more than eight people. It will come with an additional juice extractor kit and three discs, as well as a citrus press and standard accessories, making it the most versatile of the range. It is expected to become available in July 2021.

The Power Blender Premium is the Magimix Power Blender with an additional kit containing two personal blender cups and glass mill to transform it into a personal blender or grinder. It is scheduled to be launched in June 2021. The new Power Blenders in red and ice blue are due to become available in September 2021.

The Le Micro chopper in white is a powerful chopping tool with a compact footprint, ideal for smaller kitchens. It is expected to launch in September 2021.

Magimix Australia managing director, Wivina Chaneliere said, “We recognise that consumers have different needs and preferences, whether it’s about accessories and their uses or simply the colours of their appliances.

“With our new additions, consumers can select from a wider range of colours and enjoy more versatility with their machines. We’re all about making the kitchen an inspiring and delightful place to be in, and we are optimistic about how these products will be received.”

All Magimix products come with 30-year guarantees for motor, parts, and parts availability. Magimix products are available at selected retailers, as well as via