Compiled by Patrick Avenell

Navman is talking up its Landmark Guidance technology, which is included on all of its current GPS products. Marketing director Wendy Hammond said it makes navigation simpler by using voice guidance that takes into account physical structures rather than just street names.

“Rather than listening aimlessly, the Landmark Guidance feature engages the drivers as they have to pay attention to their surroundings,” she said. “The device notifies the driver of well known markers from a distance, giving them extra reassurance about where they are headed and more time to prepare for any turns or lane changes.”

A new firmware upgrade available from Tuesday 7 June 2011 will introduce an internet browser to the Nintendo 3DS. Users will also gain access to the Nintendo eShop for the first time.

The upgrade is downloadable from anywhere with a Wi-Fi network, which will also be where you can then access the internet.

“To celebrate the grand opening of the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo is offering the NES game Excitebike re-mastered in 3D as a free download until 7 July 2011 for anyone who performs the system update,” said a Nintendo spokesperson.

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Victa has released a new LT Ride-on Mower. For RRP $4,200, users can experience all the joy exemplified in this almost impossibly breathless description:

“Powerful and effortless mowing is what Victa takes great pride in. The exclusive LT Ride-On features a powerful 23 or 24 HP Briggs & Stratton V-twin overhead valve engine and a hydro-gear automatic transmission with cruise control for hassle free mowing.

“And then there’s the ultra tight turning radius. The team at Victa tested this by circling around trees until they perfected a 14-inch turning radius, so you can easily maneuver around all the tricky spots in your yard.”

The subject of the release of this handy unit was: “Ready, Set, Mow”.

Inspire Tech will be launching the McTiVia, a new home content delivery solution, on 15 June 2011, ahead of its release through Harvey Norman on 4 July 2011..

The McTiVia works as a home wireless access point to collect media from tablets, PCs, network drives, smartphones and other devices to then steam on a TV. Users can control up to 8 PCs on their TV with this device.

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