LG's spokes-sledger David Warner.
LG’s spokes-sledger David Warner.

A quick single from UnderCurrent to advise that LG Electronics will be holding a David Warner-studded launch of its 2015 home entertainment range at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Tuesday 31 March 2015.

That’s only two days after the 2015 Cricket World Cup Final so hopefully (a) Dave Warner is in a good mood and (b) he has sufficiently recovered from any post-victory celebrations.

The major brands have all been keeping a low profile so far in 2015. LG’s launch details are the first to be shared and it could be that it is going to be the only TV brand to stage a major launch for its 2015 range. It certainly is a marked change from when Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and even some of the Chinese brands would drop a small fortune (say, Shane Watson’s salary) on an extravagant launch program for their TV ranges. It is true that Samsung and LG have continued to invest in the promotion of this category, to varying extents, but it’s definitely been slim pickings from the rest of the industry.

UnderCurrent read Proper Journalist’s magnificent reports from the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas and is very excited for the impending local release of the world’s only new OLED TV models, not to mention the stunning 4K Ultra HD panels and those curved TVs that UnderCurrent isn’t totally convinced by just yet.