LG Electronics has launched its new Micro LED signage solution, the LG MAGNIT All-in-One (LAAA), ideal for corporate meeting rooms.

The 136-inch model combines a premium screen featuring advanced Micro LED technology and a 1.56mm pixel pitch with a built-in controller and speaker. The LG MAGNIT All-in-One offers the webOS platform, seamless compatibility with AV control systems and easy installation.

LG’s Micro Pixel Pitch technology aids in colour clarity and precision, while its LED chip alignment and surface treatment technology enhance white uniformity and reduce colour distortion, providing image fidelity across a wide viewing angle.

The 136-inch panel consists of five units of assembled LED display modules – preconfigured using the company’s ‘gap-reducing’ module alignment process – that can be quickly and securely attached to the frame. Installation can then be completed by connecting the display to power via a single AC cable.

With the scroll wheel on the LG Magic Remote, users can explore the device’s functions, then easily ‘point and click’ to quickly access or activate what they need. The new MAGNIT All-in-One is also compatible with the LG One:Quick Share wireless screen-sharing solution and a web-based AV control system.

The minimalistic design brings a sleek aesthetic to the meeting room with all interface connections located on the front of the product for easy access, and basic control buttons on the side of the frame.

“Building on the successful launch of our newest LG MAGNIT solution, we aim to keep expanding and enhancing our All-in-One LED signage lineup,” LG Electronics Business Solutions Company senior vice president and head of information display, Paik Ki-mun said.

“We are dedicated to developing innovative display solutions that ensure excellent picture quality, simple installation and convenient usability, meeting our customers’ needs and creating value for their businesses.”

The LG MAGNIT All-in-One will be available in markets worldwide, including Europe, starting this month.