LG Electronics (LG) will launch a new LED screen brand for cinemas, LG Miraclass with the LED screen designed to deliver realistic images with natural colours and deep blacks.

The name ‘Miraclass’ – a combination of Miracle and Class – means image quality that can enhance sense of immersion. Thanks to advanced LED technology, LG Miraclass displays help bring movies to life, improving the theatre experience and offering new value to venue owners and operators.

LG Miraclass consists of four product line-ups with sizes ranging from 14 square metres to 101 square metres, the choice between 2K and 4K screen resolutions, and the ability to adjust the screen brightness from 48 nits to 300 nits. All Miraclass displays are compatible with Dolby Integrated Media Server, IMS3000.

Employing self-emissive LED pixels, each LG Miraclass model delivers 24-bit colour processing and contrast, and is capable of displaying 68.7 billion colour variations.

Providing easy management for movie theatre operators with intuitive software, LG Miraclass facilitates greater space efficiency by eliminating the need for projection rooms.

LG LED based displays can already be found in several major theatre chains around the world, with more installations on the way throughout Asia, Europe and North America. In Spain, LG Miraclass screen was recently installed in the Odeon Multicines theatre in Vilanova, with more displays arriving soon in Odeon Multicines theatres in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Availability for Australia is yet to be determined.