LG Electronics is set to showcase its housing solution, LG Smart Cottage, at IFA 2023 from 1 to 5 September 2023. The Smart Cottage is a compact, prefabricated home incorporating heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy solutions, as well as LG’s latest smart home appliances and services.

Designed with sustainability in mind and aligned with the company’s vision of a Better Life for All, the Smart Cottage features a two-storey, studio-style layout that provides a functional, convenient living environment and maximum space efficiency. The modular home can be easily transported and placed in any desired location.

The space has a relaxed, premium feel with the harmonious use of materials such as hardwood, tile and brass. With the aim to reduce environmental impact, the home’s replaceable module components are made with low-carbon steel materials produced by South Korean steel company, POSCO.

The kitchen, living, and air solutions installed in LG Smart Cottage include the WashTower Compact, QuadWash dishwasher and a range of built-in kitchen appliances.

The exterior of the Smart Cottage is equipped with sustainability-focused LG technologies that can meet the daily energy needs of up to two occupants. Roof-mounted 4-kilowatt (kW) solar panels connect with the company’s Energy Storage System (ESS) to ensure the safe, reliable on-site collection and storage of solar power, designed to generate up to 15 kilowatts of electricity per day.

Any surplus energy can be stored in the ESS for later use or sold to the contracted electricity provider. LG Smart Cottage also has an electric vehicle (EV) charger built in.

For a smart and convenient user experience, the appliances connect seamlessly with LG ThinQ to control each appliance, manage the entire HVAC system, and monitor energy storage and consumption in real-time. LG ThinQ also connects to the Smart Cottage’s Internet of Things (IoT) accessories, including cameras, motion sensors and smart doorbells.

To help bring the Smart Cottage to life, LG partnered with South Korean construction and civil engineering service provider, GS Engineering & Construction Corp (GS E&C).