At IFA presentation.

The LG Future Talk at IFA saw LG president and chief technology officer (CTO), I.P. Park host three industry experts on the stage at Marshall House.

Qualcomm Europe vice president for technology, Dino Flore; Alpha chief innovation officer, Maurice Conti, and iF International Forum Design CEO, Ralph Wiegmann, took part in a one-hour roundtable with Dr Park, addressing the three key topics of evolve, connect and open.

Conti underlined one major advantage machines have over humans: “When one machine knows a thing, then all machines can know that thing. If a little cleaning robot learns how to solve a problem in my house, the next morning, all of its cousins all around the world – because they are connected – can solve that same problem.”

Flore spoke at length about future mobility, explaining that the car is the “ultimate mobile device”, adding that cars will become “homes on wheels”.

Wiegmann was invited to try on virtual clothes thanks to LG’s ThinQ Fit – where one’s life-like avatar is able to try – and buy clothes.

Dr Park explained that LG’s ThinQ ecosystem is evolving: “When you see a product that carries the LG ThinQ brand, what you are seeing is not just a smart product, but part of an evolving AI-powered ecosystem. And today I am very proud to announce that ThinQ will now include not just our AI products, but also a whole range of IoT devices as well.”

Conti concluded that a major shift is set to occur, wherein the power will not be held by those who have the big data, but by those who know what to do with it.

Messe Berlin Group executive vice president and IFA executive director, Jens Heithecker said: “We’re fortunate to have LG addressing again one of the most important developments in consumer technology. The IFA audience is incredibly interested in all things AI and it’s important that they understand what’s down the road from one of AI’s strongest advocates.”