The world’s first bendable 42-inch OLED screen, the LG OLED Flex, made its debut at IFA in Berlin.

Designed for more immersive console, PC, and cloud gaming, as well as live TV broadcasts and content streaming services, the LG OLED Flex LX3 can go from completely flat to curved (900R). Users can adjust the curvature to one of two presets using the dedicated button on the remote control, or manually change the degree of curvature in 5% increments over 20 different levels. The screen can be tilted up to 10 degrees or away up to five degrees and has a height adjustable stand for movement up or down by 140mm.

The bendable form factor is made possible by backlight-free, self-lit OLED technology, which provides infinite contrast, perfect blacks and accurate colours, in addition to a fast 0.1ms response time and low input lag.

See the LG OLED Flex in action

Powered by α (Alpha) 9 Gen 5 intelligent processor and unique picture algorithms, LG OLED Flex offers eye comfort as evidenced by its flicker-free, glare-free certifications. The super anti-reflection (SAR) coating on the display also helps to reduce visual distractions.

The LX3 comes with features that deliver greater control over the gaming experience. For example, users can adjust the size of the onscreen image according to individual preferences or genre of the game. Fans of role play games (RPGs), racing games or platformers will likely want to use all 42 inches of the screen, while real time strategy (RTS) or first-person shooter (FPS) gamers might prefer a 32- or 27-inch image to see everything at a glance.

The new Game app, exclusive to the LX3, supports custom screensavers, offers shortcuts to popular apps and provides a list of connected external input devices on the same screen. Revamped for LG OLED Flex, the LG Gaming Optimiser adds customised sound settings for specific game genres.

Multi View mode on the LX3 allows users to view content from two different sources simultaneously and select which audio they want to hear.This means they can play a PC or a console game while watching YouTube videos streamed from a smartphone at the same time. 

Local pricing and availability for the LG OLED Flex is yet to be confirmed.