Restaurateur Matt Moran with some fresh berries and an LG Door-in-Door fridge.
Restaurateur Matt Moran with some fresh berries and an LG Door-in-Door fridge (this is the model with freezer doors).

LG Electronics and Matt Moran are teaming up again to promote the latest range of Door-in-Door refrigerators from the South Korean brand. LG was the first supplier to introduce ‘fridge glimpsing’ to the Australian market and the idea is slowly gaining momentum, with arch rivals Samsung debuting Food Showcase not long after.

Having Matt Moran on board as a celebrity spokeschef enhances LG’s fresh credentials. Like many chefs, Moran is passionate about using the freshest produce but, what stands him out from many others, is his family heritage in farming. Moran showcases his bucolic roots not only in the menus at his outstanding restaurants ARIA and Chiswick but also in his TV show, Paddock To Plate, which airs on the Lifestyle Channel.

By having Moran on board as a promotional asset, LG is leveraging his authority in the field of food preservation. One of the main benefits of Door-in-Door technology is that users can quickly access frequently required foodstuffs and beverages — soft drinks, juices, sauces, cheeses, milk, jams et cetera — without pejoratively affecting the overall coolness of the refrigerator.

“It makes perfect sense that those who invest in the source of their ingredients should also invest in keeping those ingredients as fresh as possible with their choice of refrigerator,” Moran said. “Which is why I think LG’s latest Door-in-Door refrigerator models are so great; they keep food at the optimal temperatures as well as offering smart organisation and really clever, door-in-door design to reduce cold air loss when the door is opened.”

According to LG’s own research, Door-in-Door technology helps to reduce cold air loss by up to 41 per cent. For this reason, LG is claiming the title of “freshest thinking in refrigeration”. There are two models in the new release: a counterdepth unit with 712 litres of capacity and side-by-side freezer compartments with individual doors (GF-5D712SL, RRP $4,849); and an enormous 906-litre capacity model with two freezer drawers.

“LG Door-in-Door fridges offer a range of features to not only help keep good produce longer, but also cater to the organisational needs of food-lovers and home-cooking aficionados,” said LG general manager of marketing Lambro Skropidis. “After all, sometimes a tidy, well-compartmentalised refrigerator can make all the difference in creating those great meals a lot easier.”

Matt loves fresh seafood! Here is he pictured with the models with freezer drawers.

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