LG Electronics Australia has released a new commercial air purifier (AG16GBWC0) designed to improve and maintain the air quality of commercial indoor environments.

Specific to commercial spaces such as educational institutions, office buildings, hotels, and commercial buildings such as shopping centres, the air purifier features a capacity of up to 158m2.

“In Australia, there is a growing awareness about outdoor air pollution and the potential impact on our health. Similarly, with many of us spending a large proportion of our time indoors, from a commercial perspective, LG finds it essential to consider the quality of indoor air and how it can be managed and maintained,” LG Electronics Australia head of air solution, Andrew Barron said.

“Our new air purifier is a solution for commercial buildings that can draw in polluted air, remove it via a large-capacity filter and release clean air, thanks to our innovative direct air circulation system, allergen HEPA filter and deoderising filter. Combined with modern design and connectivity features, our new commercial air purification system offers both high performance and convenience for any type of commercial setting.” 

With three operating modes, the commercial system offers a variety of air purification benefits. Rapid cleaning mode delivers a fast and powerful clean of the air for quick relief from poor indoor conditions caused by industrial pollutions or recent weather events.

The silent cleaning mode is ideal for quieter environments with the lowest noise level being just 27dB, while auto mode considers the density of fine dust and degree of odours to determine optimal air filtration. In addition, via the central control panel, users can monitor the level of air purification via the four-level colour code – green, yellow, orange and red.