LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled a new advertising campaign for LG ThinQ, highlighting how the smart home platform adds a touch of magic to everyday moments at home.

The short film follows a day in the life of four different smart home users, providing insight into their diverse lifestyles and daily routines. It presents the home as a space where mundane moments are made special by the efficiency, ease-of-use, and intelligence of the LG smart home platform. 

Viewers are introduced to the LG ThinQ app and its growing selection of smart features, such as Content Sharing, which enables Smart TV users to navigate between their phones and TV with ease; Express Freeze, a useful feature in the summer which heightens the refrigerator’s ice-making and freezing functions; remote monitoring feature, which allows users to check on the status of their dryers and other smart appliances; and Smart Diagnosis, which provides appliance maintenance tips and self-troubleshooting instructions. 

LG Electronics vice president and head of brand management division, Kim Hyoeun said, “Through our new campaign, we hope to inspire consumers worldwide with our human-centered vision of smart living. Much more than simply the streamlining of home functions, LG ThinQ proposes an intelligent lifestyle that delivers effortless functionality and next-level convenience, but also a sense of excitement, anticipation, and even a little magic.”