LG has rolled out the All-in-One Video Conferencing Display – the latest addition to the One:Quick suite of workplace and home collaboration displays and sharing solutions. 

One:Quick Works is an advanced 55-inch 4K UHD video conferencing display and all-around productivity tool. One:Quick Flex, with its 43-inch 4K UHD touchscreen, is designed to be either wall mounted or can be combined with an optional movable stand. Both models are based on the Windows platform and are compatible with a library of video conferencing applications and collaboration tools. 

One:Quick Works integrates all video conferencing equipment into a single package which includes a touch-sensitive display, Windows-based interface, 4K UHD camera, high-quality microphone, built-in speakers, digital whiteboard function and video conferencing apps. 

“Connectivity issues are the enemy of smooth conference calls. The complex and often time-consuming task of connecting cameras, speakers, laptops and projectors can easily derail your meeting schedule or make an important presentation fall flat,” LG Electronics Australia marketing manager for B2B business solutions, Brad Reed said.

The high-gain microphone clearly captures the voice of a presenter seated or standing up to six metres away and employs noise cancellation to minimise unwanted background sounds. With Smart Auto Focus, the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution camera quickly tracks and automatically focuses on the speaker. 

One:Quick Works supports a variety of video conferencing and collaboration apps. Meeting participants can use the preinstalled LG One:Quick Remote Meeting application or install Webex, Zoom and Teams using the shortcuts located on the on-screen launcher. For apps not on the launcher screen, meeting hosts can simply go into the Conference app store to find and install other applications.  

Presenters can easily connect their laptops and notebooks to compatible LG digital signage devices wirelessly using One:Quick Works. With its internal Wi-Fi antenna, the dongle makes screen sharing seamless and reduces cable clutter. With its Split View feature, One:Quick Share can connect to and display content from up to four devices simultaneously. 

With a video camera that captures a wide 88-degree field of view on the LG One:Quick Flex, the display rotates to work in both landscape and portrait modes and features a split-view mode for easier multitasking.