LG Electronics’ new webOS Hub 2.0S for third party brands—released for TVs in September—is expanding to include smart monitors this month.

The expansion responds to the expanding smart TV market and increasing number of single-person households. While smart TVs are catered to family households, the rising trend of single-person households has led to significant demand for smart monitors, making webOS Hub 2.0S, an ideal choice for individuals and smaller screens.

The new webOS Hub 2.0S is more adaptable, broadening its availability beyond smart TVs, and is able to provide more options for third-party brands to offer a fully customisable user experience.

A new addition on the main home UI screen of webOS Hub 2.0S is the Card App Home Hub & Music for access to a variety of services with one remote click. Featuring a smart home ecosystem dashboard, users can customise control capabilities with supportive ‘device status monitoring’ for televisions and IoT-based devices.

With the webOS Hub 2.0S, users can access music from apps such as Spotify or music stored in USB drives, via the Card App Music feature. Functions such as Remote PC ensure users can connect to office PCs or laptops for video calling and conferencing with support for USB cameras.

webOS 2.0S also offers access to streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. Compatibility with Apple Home and AirPlay enables users to control compatible smart home accessories, and stream movies, music, games, and photos using Apple devices.

Over the past three years, LG has integrated the webOS Hub into various third-party products with over 300 brands joining the initiative. LG is now expanding the webOS Hub platform to a broader range of smart TVs and smart monitors, with a commitment to provide seamless access to the webOS Hub experience across multiple devices.