LG Electronics Australia has confirmed the arrival of its UltraGear 48-inch UHD 4K OLED gaming monitor (48GQ900-B), now available from Harvey Norman for RRP $2,599.  

The company’s first 4K OLED gaming monitor utilises LG OLED technology to deliver a more immersive gaming experience with clearer, faster, and smoother visuals. Self-lit pixel technology creates perfect blacks, rich colour expression, wide contrast ratio and fast response time.

First for PC gaming from LG, the monitor also features DisplayPort connectivity, enabling gaming in the highest resolution possible, delivering 4K UHD support at 60Hz through a single cable.

“With the continued growth of the Australian gaming industry, the needs of gamers have also evolved. To ensure they have the technology needed to support next-generation gaming experiences, we have taken our leadership in OLED technology and combined it with our feature rich UltraGear monitor range,” LG Electronics Australia head of B2B marketing solutions for business, Brad Reed said.

“LG prides itself on delivering innovative products that enhance the user experience and our latest launch is no exception. Fast response time, high contrast ratio and both DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 connectivity options will ensure avid gamers have the ultimate experience, no matter their PC game of choice.”  

Achieving a fast 0.1ms (GtG at faster) response time, the LG OLED gaming monitor reduces reverse ghosting and enables objects to render clearly so that gamers can enjoy maximum speed during gameplay with smooth movement and fluid visuals. Supporting a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) of up to 120Hz (Overlock 138Hz), the monitor produces smooth images, enabling gamers to see the next frame quickly.

Gamers can enjoy life-like gameplay at top speeds without tearing, stuttering or input lag thanks to compatibility with NVIDIA G-SYNC, along with AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which delivers seamless movement in high-resolution and fast-paced games. This is coupled with LG anti-glare and low reflection technology.

The first OLED gaming monitor from LG features an award-winning graphical user interface with customised monitor settings via the on-screen display and onscreen control panel.

Activating Black Stabiliser mode provides greater visibility during darker scenes, brightening dark areas to help players find the enemy or hidden game objective. Similarly, the Crosshair feature provides first-person shooter games with enhanced accuracy.

To see action as it occurs in real time, the Dynamic Action Sync mode means gamers can react immediately rather than respond after the delay of internal frame processing. Complementing this feature for smooth gameplay is a Frames Per Second (FPS) counter, which can be displayed in the corner of the screen without needing to install separate software.

The UltraGear Remote Control allows gamers to turn the monitor on or off, adjust the sound, change modes and more, with at the touch of a button. The monitor is also equipped with two 20W stereo speakers with compatible DTS Headphone:X or interact with fellow gamers via voice chat by connecting with headphones.