LG is launching a CordZero handstick vacuum range with new dust compression technology and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Consisting of four models, the A9K-Ultra, A9K-Pro, A9K-Aqua and A9K-Core, the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor range introduces Kompressor technology, a dust compression system designed to save time and enable convenient bin emptying. 

LG Kompressor technology reduces the frequency of needing to empty the dust bin by compressing dust and hair by up to 2.4 times compared to the uncompressed capacity. It comes with an improved cyclonic filtration system with Smart Inverter Motor and delivers up to 200aW of maximum suction power. In addition, the range comes with a HEPA filter, combined with the 5-Step Filtration System, to capture 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

LG has also integrated ThinQ technology into the LG A9 Kompressor, so users can receive alerts and monitor their vacuum via the LG ThinQ smartphone app. Through the app, cleaning history can be tracked, problems can be diagnosed, the filter status can be checked and users will be alerted when the batteries are fully charged.

Selected models (A9K-Ultra, A9K-Pro, A9K-Aqua) can vacuum and mop simultaneously. The LG Power Drive MOP Nozzle rotating mop head attachment includes a water storage tank and built-in electric water pump in the mop head.

Accessories depend on the product model with the A9K-Ultra including a carpet and bedding nozzle, while the A9K-Ultra, A9K-Aqua and Q9K-Core come with the Power Drive Mini nozzle featuring a rubber anti-tangle brush to effectively pick up pet hair. Removable and washable filters that can be taken out, rinsed with water and re-inserted once dry are included.

“We are passionate about providing Australians with home cleaning appliances that make household chores easier, convenient and deliver impressive results,” LG Electronics Australia senior marketing manager – home appliances, Brad Reed said.

“We have taken our vacuum range a step further this year with our Kompressor models by combining new and improved technologies with the existing features such as long battery life, removable and washable filters and one touch control.”