Lenovo has taken its sustainability strategy a step further with the introduction of Sustainability Services Consultancy, announced at an inaugural Tech World presentation in Sydney.

The services initiative, that will be launched in early 2023, has been designed to help organisations integrate sustainability into their business operations and deliver environmental goals faster.

“Sustainability Services Consultancy is about what sustainability practices Lenovo can offer organisations for those starting out or reaching their next level,” Lenovo ANZ managing director, Matt Codrington said.

“The consultancy will revolve around IT focused offerings like CO2 Offset Services which considers PC lifestyle commissions that will help customers reach their targets.”

Lenovo has also developed sustainability tokens that allow customers and partners to track their sustainability investment. Asset Recovery Services too will help business customers manage end-of-life IT equipment with equipment take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling.

A recent customer survey found that staff retention, as well as the expectation and acceleration of the company’s engagement around sustainability, environmental concerns and diversity, were ‘front-of-mind.’

“We want our products to be 30% more efficient by 2030, but our products must be more durable, repairable and sustainable,” Codrington said.

France recently issued a mandate where 20% of their procurement is based on these three standards. “This is a significant change of thinking and a mandate that does not exist outside France. We need government intervention to recirculate that into our processes,” he said.

Margaret River lupin tempeh, coconut rice, satay sauce, bok choy and bean shoot & coriander salad.

The theme of the event was ESG (environmental social governance) and all food served at the event was plant-based, organic and locally sourced. Menus and name cards were printed on native wildflower Swan River Daisy seeded paper that can be planted in the garden to grow.

“ESG is an important guiding principle in all our technology innovations, from saving in the manufacturing process, to adopting recycled material for packaging and to full life-cycle management,” Codrington said.

The event also showcased the company’s latest tech innovations that included VR demonstrations and experience zones with Motorola unveiling its first eco-friendly plastic-free box packaging with soy ink graphics and new edge 30 series smartphones.

Feature image: Lenovo ANZ managing director, Matt Codrington.