LG Electronics has released its latest CordZero Auto Emptying Handstick + Power Mop Vacuum range in a new calming green colour.

Incorporating a new Power Drive Mop – a hot mop with a built-in generator that supplies heated water into its mop pads – ensures water is regularly supplied from the water tank during cleaning to reduce cleaning time and mop up hard to remove stains. An LED light on the mop head helps illuminate dust and debris on the floor.

The LG CordZero Auto Emptying Handstick + Power Mop Vacuum also comes with an Auto Empty Dust Bin in the All-in-One Tower, which automatically empties the dust bin when the vacuum is placed back on the dock. Once docked, the battery in the vacuum and spare battery can be charged, delivering up to 120 minutes runtime.

The vacuum includes a range of versatile tools, including the Wide Slim Nozzle, Power Drive Mini, Crevice Tool and 2-in-1 Combination Tool, catering to every type of clean in the home such as bedding, pet hair and crevices of the car.

LG Australia marketing manager of home appliances, Shannon Tweedie said, “Australians are looking to get more out of their home appliances, which means they want the exact function and style they’re looking for and are seeking to refresh their homes to bring in more colour and brightness.

“The new LG CordZero Auto Emptying Handstick + Power Mop Vacuum in calming green ticks all these boxes as LG continues to cater to these changing needs and trends for consumers. Not to mention, the new additional Power Drive Mop is the ideal convenient feature for those who are looking to save time on vacuuming and mopping at the same time.”

The LG CordZero Auto Emptying Handstick + Power Mop range is available at leading retailers and online at LG.com/au for RRP $1,699.